What is Kevitel and 40 days pray at The Wailing Wall ?

One of the ancient Jewish Traditions that are going back hundreds of years is to place a prayer, written on a (small) piece of paper, or Kevitel, into a crack in the Wall.

There is a Another (segula) powerful Jewish spiritual technique that one who seeks an answer to his/her prayers should pray the same prayer request every day for 40 consecutive days. The segula can also be done by Another pious prayer representative.

According to the Torah and Kabbalah, the Western Wall (Kotel) is the holiest place on earth and currently the BEST place to send your prayers because the divine presence of G-d (the Shechina) dwells there. It is exceptionally POWERFUL TO PRAY 40 days in a row at the Western Wall (Kotel), because Moses prayed 40 days consecutively on Mt. Sinai and his very difficult prayers were granted.

Breslevmeir Western Wall Prayers' caring team will partner you with a righteous personal prayer agent at the Western Wall (Kotel) and pray for you every day

Your prayer agent's self-sacrifice (mesiras nefesh), intense spiritual teachings (Torah-learning), lofty intentions (kavana) and charitable donations (tzedakka) on your behalf will add incredible merit (zchus) to you, and we pray will bring about a clear answer to your prayer requests.

Western Wall Prayers prays with all of our heart that at the end of the Western Wall 40-day prayers, you will see how much closer you are to your goals, to yourself, and to the Almighty.

Many tears have been shed as a "Kevitel" has been put into the Western Wall. The amount and types of requests are endless:

One is asking for a speedy recovery for a sick person, another may be seeking his soul mate (שידוך), yet another may be asking for G-ds guidance for a personal problem.

No matter what man asks for, a feeling that ones burdens are being shared and will be alleviated, is often felt after the Kevitel, with sincere prayer, is inserted into the Wall.

Talmud teaches us that all prayers ascend to heaven through Jerusalem, namely through the Western Wall. So praying or placing Kevitel into the Wall is like having a continual Prayer linked to the prime source. There are uncountable numbers of acknowledged histories and cases, when the most improbable requests and desires written on sheet of paper, Kevitel, and placed into Western Wall, situated in Jerusalem, were fulfilled and came true.

And with our intention g-d will hear and answer our prayers.

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