A prayer to burn the hametz from the heart and mind

*A prayer to burn the hametz from the heart and mind,* to remove the bad and illuminate the good, we work all month to clean the house and look for hametz washing and turning over the furniture and the children and the husband…

A prayer to burn the hametz from the heart and mind

in our search for the crumbs and dust (which we really don't need but on the way you know.. .), the hidden leaven and the leftover bread.

All year long hard work is required from the person in correcting his measurements, all year round it is difficult and not easy, but in Nissan there is great help from heaven to take stock of the soul, how we behave and how we react to stressful situations, how we do not get angry at the height of fatigue.

During the burning of the chametz when the house sparkles, and the cooking of the delicacies for Seder night, then you will understand that everything is fine, it was a shame for all the energy and shouting and anger and strictness, but what can be done is only to hope and pray to be cleansed of all bad habits – so come in and pray this prayer:

"Every hametz seore that I have, which I saw and did not see, that I burned and did not burn, shall be void, and the desolate shall be like the dust of the earth."

Lord of the world, vices that are insane to pressures and worries – that I know exist within me and I would be lying if I said that there isn't because I know that there are only that in my wickedness and stupidity I hide them, as if they don't exist but really they break through and are revealed during the test especially when under pressure..,

And bad behavior that I do not know and do not recognize within myself, because there are always more degrees of holiness and noble behavior that I can improve in my life…,

There will be a desire before you that you will help to cancel and disappear from me and my family members, all kinds of bad thoughts, bad energies and a stormy wind that causes us confusion in faith and the good energetic flow of life, from all the bad effects of sadness and worry that causes us to stay away from the observance of the mitzvot with joy and faith in you and in your Torah, a true teaching, a simple and full life ,

There will be a will in your will that all this evil will burn from my mind and leave my heart, and I will be desolate like the dust of the earth, not considered by me and I will be wise and settled in my mind how to treat every situation in life calmly without losing control and all with joy.

Please, in your mercy, may you cleanse me as we cleansed for Pesach, lest a stormy wind enter us that sours the dough, I raise the narcissism and strictness and bad manners – simply because there is no settlement of the mind even in doing the mitzvot..,

May I be like dirt, full of humility and faith, and a prisoner of pride from me – and I will be filled with the Spirit of God and there will be no place in me at all for bad habits, inappropriate bad behavior, inappropriate reactions in the heart and bad thoughts in the mind.

Please in your mercy there is in me "for with joy you will go to freedom" joy is the greatest virtue to get out of all the troubles that are like the Egyptian exile!!!

And may it be that next year we will eat from the sacrifices and from the Passovers, in the temple in the built holy city of Jerusalem, Amen. *R. amiel*

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