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What is Kevitel and 40 days pray  at The Wailing Wall ? Rebbe Nachman , Rabbi nachman of breslov , Likutei Halachos A , Likutei Halachos B , Speaking to (with) G-d , Brain – Left Or Right , Be Happy , Good Points , kitzur likutei moharan , Dont be too hard on yourself Parshas Lech Lecha , Seeking Hashem In Business , Seeking Out the Holiness of One’s Rav , Fellow-jew


Do you have a problem that needs prayer for a good life?

so… You need someone not just anyone

to pray for me…


  ◊  free prays  ◊  


 You gust fill in your name, your mother's name

And your prayers


We will pray (and send your notes) for you

At the Western Wall

and other holly sites in Israel

And in BreslevMeir Yeshiva

to get your prayers granted !


It's free

so… feel good to ask all your wishes !


How Does it (We) Work?

The Jerusalem Western Wall is The holiest of holy places of Israel.

People from all over the world send their kvetel (a little piece of paper, a kind of note or message) that ask a wish form the heart – for the recovery of some ill persons, another will request for Livelihood success, a third one will look for assistance in a personal issue.

People who could not make their presence to the Wall, Breslevmeir enable them to send their notes and ask and pray their request and wishes.

• A real rabbi from breslevmeir Yeshiva will receives your request.

• After a special pray, your agent will remind your requests and Softly put your notes at the Wall

 So If you want your wishes Exist

get associated with us – Send your "Request note" for a pray at The Western Wall.


    Your Email | Required

    Please fill in Your first name and mother name

    AND for each person you wish to pray for

    explain at length your request, such as

    for bless • Salvation • Health • Good Pharnosh • happiness...


    All pray is Free


    Please donate for breslev Institutions

    with a full hand and happy heart.

     As you help others may Hashem [g'od] help you 

     answer your prayers and fulfill your wishes ! 


    Take Action Become a Partner of breslevmeir institutions !

    * You Can deposited at the bank: The account name BreslevMeir
    No. bank account: 694576 Branch: 184 Bank of Pagi

    * Sending checks send for the beneficiary only
    Address: Jerusalem Rabbi Salant 7 Zip 95144

    * You can also donate by paypal secure company network


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