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Haggadah and You

If you are a Jew, you need to understand a little bit more about the traditions of your country. You have many good things around you, and your parents can tell you more about the history of the Jews.

But we will tell you more about Haggadah and what it means for you.
Describing the Order
Haggadah is just a famous Jewish text written to present the Passover Seder`s order. Jewish people read the Haggadah at the famous Seder tablet. This is just a fulfillment of a Jew`s Scriptural commandments that are prescribed to each Jew.

Through Haggadah, a Jew tells the world that the Jewish liberation in Egypt when the Jewish people were slaves. This is found in the Torah, specifically in the meaningful Book of Exodus.

The process of Haggadah begins with the blessings.

Next, they have to take a cup of wine.

The father of the house then says something about the Kiddush. There are also many things that the Jews have to bear in mind in this ceremony. They have to wash their hands if they want to be part of the ceremony from time to time. Washing their hands depends on the situation.

They also end to eat appetizers here and there, which is truly awesome. It is said that the Haggadah was compiled during the Talmudic and Mishnaic periods. But the exact date of the creation of this document is not known by anyone out there.

Some benedictions were added in the important third century CE.
Now that you know more about Haggadah, you have now more reasons to love your past. Your parents are a source of pleasure to you, but they can also help you understand more about your ancestors and what they did for you in the past.

So you have even more knowledge of your past now, and you should now feel more proud about your people.

Donate For Kimha de Pisha poor of jerusalem


Donate For Kimha de Pisha – Passover Charity

There is no amount according to "Halacha" how much to give to the mitzvah of Pesach

only everyone gives to the joy of the holiday of the poor as the alms of his heart.

And the rabbis will invest in prayers for your personal redemption – on Passover.

So… do not skimp, open your heart and wallet,

make a handsome contribution according to your ability,

and "Hashem" will answer your prayers in a good and multiple way. amen.

Donate For Kimha de Pisha poor of jerusalem


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