pidyon kaparot

Pidyon Kaparot – Prayer, repentance and righteousness to revoke the order of evil in your life.
Yom Kippur is the Day of Judgment where it was not possible to atone and sweeten crimes and evil deeds
And by a fresh start in doing good and giving charity to the poor
Ask for mercy in a special prayer of the Breslav followers who will write us in the great court of hashem itbarech
For a good and corrected life in spirituality and materiality
To take advantage of troubles and torments.

The custom of Yom Kippur that every person will redeem his soul before Yom Kippur in charity and good deed

Come and join us in doing charity for the poor of Jerusalem and the followers of Breslav
And you will be cleansed from the evil eye of sorcery and all evil in spirituality and carnality
To be a partner in strengthening the Torah scholars of BRESLOVE CHASIDIM.

Blessing of rabbi nachman & his hasidim For A Sweet New Year
by donating the poors & needs of jerusalem

pidyon kaparot

We all know people who currently have no income. Many of our neighbors and friends find themselves in this situation.

yom kipor & Succos is approaching and our brethren in Breslevmeir who just about makes ends meet are now chocking. Yom Tov is now approaching, and these families have no clue how they will make Yom Tov.

These struggling families have no idea how they’ll be able to get through this. Their children are asking for the same bread and cereal but so far they have not been able to buy any. Their infants cry for their formula bottles but they have not been able to get any.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE –“pidyon kaparot”

For the impoverished, Yom Tov can be an especially painful time. Please help provide the Yom Tov meals for these destitute families. Please consider sponsoring Yom Tov for a family $$$$ dollars. In the zchus of helping those less fortunate we may merit gezunt, parnasah, and nachas.

Take part in this holy work by donating generously, and helping your fellow Jew weather this storm.

Donate now for “pideyon kaparot”

1 – Contribution to the absolution & atonement of one person single time: 45$

2 – Pidyon whole family and get + prayers for you at the western wall160$

3 – Get pidyon kapparot + Pidyon nefesh + evil eye removel & curse for all your whole family by donaion: 1200$

You can contact us at +972 52-565-2005 through whatsapp for further information.

Payment can be made by PayPal a secure website

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