Pray for Israel | Breslove Hasidim 148

This pray for israel is about bloodshed in the people of Israel. When there is a heinous murder of terrorists, or any other attack on the people of Israel, it is appropriate for everyone to shout from the bottom of their hearts about the exile that the people of Israel are far away and abandoned by their enemies. Because all the hatred is that they believe in true Torah and adhere to it for 2000 years of exile.

Pray for Israel

One unique and special God (Hasham) (Hamas the letters Hasham without H hint that they are not a human being). Shepherd the sheep of the slaughter, Israel that are being slaughtered for the singularity of the holiness of your name. And some of them shed their blood on the earth to appease your anger in it.

And this is blood from a severe judgment in which your anger was poured out, which is said to have been poured out like the fire of his anger, and also this blood is being poured out today and is boiling over the earth.

And other poor people in Israel where it is said "the poor are as important as the dead", for the sake of the evil angel and the haters of Israel, who take every good thing from them like Eliphaz did to Jacob, and others who suffer so many disgraces on you that their blood was spilled in their midst in their shame, which is Lilith, an evil slave who rules over them and it is said that she "covered every penny".

Sovereign of all the worlds. Look at the covenant with the blood of a covenant that transfers your wrath from Israel, it is said in them "You also by the blood of your covenant I sent your prisoners from a pit in which there is no water", and this is a true covenant that a lie passed from him that she was a virgin and in it Israel wins your Torah the truth and to this David said the way of falsehood remove from me and your Torah be merciful, for the sake of their faith of Israel and it is said in it "I have chosen the path of faith",

And their silence is that they are standing before you, and that would have turned your nose away from them, and what David said, "Pray, I will stand, Jehovah, and he will listen to me, and he will hear my voice", immediately, "And I will come up from the pit of Shaon, from the clay of the pigeon", "I will send your prisoners from a pit in which there is no water." For your salvation, I bowed to Hasham.

"For all crimes love will cover", therefore with your mercy forgive and forgive your people Israel for all our sins and our sins and our crimes with truly complete forgiveness through this holy love:

And in your great mercy you will remember all the blood that was shed [and is being shed] in Israel in general and in particular, they are actual bloodshed that has already shed a lot, a lot of Israel's blood, from the day of the destruction until now by the terrorists of Hamas – who brutally raped and murdered children and women, as it is written "They shed their blood like water around Jerusalem and there is no burying",

They are bloodshed due to shame and dishonor suffered by Israel [and especially the Torah students and those who pray to you alone without idols and foreign worship, only for the people of your only true name] in every generation, and in particular the much bloodshed of all the saints and righteous people whose blood was shed like water [especially by the persecutors of the Torah students in the Land of Israel ].

And all these bloods will be in place of the correction of the slaughter for the reasons of the mitzvahs that they will not be considered a part of the animal, they will only be eaten by the shedding of these bloods. And by this you will taste the holy flavors of all the mitzvot, make silent before you all the righteous in every generation and all Israel in general, and by this your love will be awakened for your people Israel, and your love will not be removed from him forever, and you will cover all the blood with this holy love, and by this all our sins will be covered in any case. And in your mercy you will raise up all the fallen souls who have no hope except by shedding the blood of a great man.

Have mercy on them by the virtue and strength of the great bloodshed that was shed by the greatest of the righteous without measure for free, by virtue of them have mercy on all these fallen souls, for you alone know the mercy upon them, and raise them up from their fall, and cover their crimes with love, and all the seasons will be turned into victories:

Pray for Israel

Full of mercy you love your people Israel, who chooses your people Israel with love, arouse your love for us, and arise and save us and fill our wishes for the best with mercy, and have mercy on all the souls of your people Israel, the living and the dead. And put in the hearts of the righteous who will always deal with our correction, and hasten to do their thing and desire to correct us all quickly, and we will return to you in truth quickly.

And we too will have your mercy that we are far from the truth and lie to ourselves in the pursuit of honor and delicious pleasures of this world, and do not really think about the last end of the Day of Judgment and the life of the next world. There will be a desire there that we will win and succeed in overcoming the evil inclination and keep away the evil and the lies of this world, and we will strive with all our strength and good will to adhere to the true good according to your good will according to the Torah of truth given by Moses, always from now until the end of time Amen Selah:

A single and special god. God of truth lives and rises forever, will the witness smoke your nose to hide your holy light from Israel who have been hoping for your forgiveness for thousands of years? Give us and them your truth and confirm your redemption through Messiah – the son of David, your servant, the king of Israel..; You are one faithful one, you are found to sustain you, a single Lord, for your salvation I am the Hashem.

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