Do not get confused you only have Today

Do not get confused you only have Today:

Have you encountered in your life the situation that arises in you desire to start doing things to change your life for the better and better quality,

Then good thoughts come to you, and desires how to do it,

But then the evil instinct says "moment" give it time to think, plan, but after you sleep and rest, and deepen the thought because it is not so simple to perform …

Then you discover that in fact the evil instinct – just took and hid this good will from you, and you remain in the same situation and there nothing has changed …

So Rabbi Nachman of Breslav gives you advice for real life:

Do not get confused you only have Today

This is a general rule in serving Hashem – A person should not place in front of himself anything but today, be it in making a living and tending to one's needs, he shouldn't worry from one day to the next as it is brought in the holy sefarim of breslev, be it in serving Hashem he shouldn't put in front of his eyes only the current day and current hour.

Because when one wants to enter and start serving Hashem, it appears to him as if it's a very heavy burden and he can't carry such a heavy load [and one can get very easily overwhelmed], but if a person thinks he only has this day in front of him, it won't be a burden at all.

Also on the same subject, it's very important for a person not to procrastinate and say "tomorrow I will start, tomorrow I will pray with intention", or similarly with other work, because a person doesn't have in this world only the current day and the current hour he's living in right now, for tomorrow is an entirely different world, and now we can understand the meaning of this verse:

"today if you will heed in My voice"…. Precisely TODAY!

(Likutei Moharan, Lesson 272)

And so the rule, my beloved, strengthen and encourage yourself exceedingly, and hold on with all your energy to stay active in serving Hashem, and don't pay attention or look at distractions or negative thoughts at all etc.

and if you're very very far from Hashem, and it seems to you that you keep causing damage every hour against Hashem, nevertheless you should know, that a person like this,

who is so into gross physicality, every tiny move that one tears themselves away from the physical and moves towards Hashem, is extremely precious and wonderful,

and even a tiny small point one moves away from the physical towards Hashem, he runs through this thousands and thousands of miles in the upper worlds.

(Likutei Moharan II, Lesson 48)


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