Do not leave Those First Yearnings That you had

Do not leave Those First Yearnings That you had.

Sometimes a person becomes awakened to holiness,
and his heart starts burning strongly with a passion towards "Hashem" with a beautiful yearning,
and it appears to him that from this point further, he will surely be a righteous person forever,
and nothing will ever get in his way to set him back.

Do not leave Those First Yearnings That you had.

Yet, immediately a very short time later,
he falls from his yearning and his heart gets clogged and his mind gets confused,
and he completely forgets his original first yearning,
as if he never had any yearning at all to serve "Hashem",
and sometimes it’s possible that those first yearnings continue on for a while,
but nevertheless after a while it’s possible that he then falls from his yearning and his heart becomes clogged and he forgets everything,
and it appears as if he never had any yearnings at all…

Therefore a person needs to strongly guard his mind to constantly remind himself of his original yearnings and all his fire and passion he had towards Hashem and His service,
in order to draw upon himself and uncover the impressions that those original yearnings had left on his soul,
this way he will reawaken himself now to return to "Hashem" through those marks.

(Likutei Halachos, Blessings on Fruits 4:12)

With all your difficulties – Do Not despair yourself

We Have on Whom to Rely Upon!
[Despite what you’re going through],

Nevertheless I know and believe – that Hashem’s mercy is still present on me, on you,
and on all of us, and He surely won’t forsake you forever,

and no matter how [bad] it should be,
no matter how, your end will be for the good with Hashem’s great kindness,

for we have on whom to rely upon with Hashem’s help,

on the power of the old one of holiness, ancient of ancient, grandfather of grandfathers,

so now my son, listen to my voice to what I am instructing you – and make yourself joyful with whatever you can.
(Alim L’Trufah – Letters of Reb Nosson, Letter 102)

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