Channukka How Do you spell it

Channukka How Do you spell it? Ok, that time of year. Is it:


1. Chanukah

2. Hanukkah

3. Hanukah

4. Hannukah

5. Chanukkah

6. Hanuka

7. Channukah

8. Chanukka

9. Hanukka

10. Hannuka

11. Hannukkah

12. Channuka

13. Hannukka

14. Channukkah

15. Channukka However you spell it, have a Happy Chanukah (?)

Feed 8 days
Decent poor and you will receive full Rabbi nahman & Torah blessings

1 pray 1 day for 1 person – prayer of hanukkah at the western wall – 55$ donate

8 prayers 8 days for 1 person – prayer of hanukkah at the western wall – 180$ donate

8 days full prayers + pidyon nefeshevil eye and curses with lead + Blessing and personal prayer + no limit to all family and friends – prayer of hanukkah at the western wall – 500$ donate

rabbi amiel p. by breslevmeir (Non profit) Jerusalem harav sahlant 7 call +97252-565-2005 & WhatsApp

Do you want the candles and the spiritual light of Hanukkah to shine on you?

Need prayers for salvation to come out of the darkness and sadness for success and joy in life?

The light in your soul is off and dark …?
So if you donate with mercy,
And illuminate for the poor of Jerusalem the hope,
God will answer your prayers and illuminate the light for you too,
And your requests and will be accepted by mercy.

Remember : as a person behaves in this world so from heaven behaves with him

Donate respectable meals to the poor and needy in the Holy City of Jerusalem
And you will receive 8 days of Hanukkah blessing at the Western Wall
May you bring joy in life and success in all

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