evil eye removal & curse removal by lead 45$

We will clean & make Evil eye removal and curse removal from you + black magic in a way that was entrusted to us from generation. Our organization is located in Jerusalem the center of spirituality.

Evil eye removal & curse removal by lead

We are working with lead treatments for many years and have seen many cases where people who have already lost hope on being happy again,found their stride once again after the treatment.

Sometimes people feel like their luck is simply "over" and do not understand what happened,or  sink to depression because bad things started to happen around them,whether it's relationship or financial matters,but there is a solution that can change your life!

Our treatment will:

remove curse, remove evil eye, powerful evil eye protection,
nazar amulet – protection from evil eye,

,black magic and curses from you.
Invigorate your life will new spirit and goals.
Remove depression and all sickness that is caused by it.
Strengthen your self-esteem when facing family,co-workers and relationship problems.
Refresh your energy and lighten your mood.

If you are suffering from any kind of problems let us know and we will discuss about everything and find the best solution for you.

Donate now for “EVIL EYE REMOVAL”

I will make for you evil eye removal & curses removal + protection from evil eye by Breslov Yeshiva in Jerusalem Pray for you at the Western Wall, the entire yeshiva will pray for your salvation.

1- Evil eye cleansing & curse removal = 45$

A simple process of clean from evil eye and curse vodo and more…

for a single person A One-time donation A one-time action.

2 – Prayer to break curses + Evil eye protecion cleansing & removal = 160$

(One-time donation) For monthly cleaning, every week.

+ With conversation and explanation from breslove kabbalah Rebbe.

3 – Full removal & protecion from Curses + Evil eye = 400$

full cleaning & protecion (for your whole family).

+ With conversation and explanation from breslove Rebbe.

+ 1 time online whatsApp Prayer and blessing at the:

The Western Wall

or King David toumb

or Mother Rachel Tomb

+ Amulet protection from evil eye & cancel witchcraft or curse or any evil spirit – make alone for yourself or family!

+ A collection of useful prayers for the amulet

4 – Full cleansing from evil eye & curse & witchcraft = 1800$

All Inclusive

+ A personalized amulet according to your needs of for your home or work written by the head of rabbe nahman yeshiva in Jerusalem!

+ Pidyon Nefesh = for all year, for the whole family.

+ Cleansing the evil eye spells = permanent for all year, and the whole family.

+ personal guidance.

You can contact us at +972 52-565-2005 through whatsapp for further information.

Payment by PayPal

prayer for you at the western wall and king david tomb for an hour

Jewish pidyon nefesh

A small Prayer against evil eye:

"adonai" ,"heloheim" king of the universe save your Creatures you have creat (and me – the little one among them)
from all kinds of spells and evil eye & witchcraft Voodoo or all kinds of evil spiritual deeds
that have done or are doing to this day on us people who have a hard time coming to terms with the good you have given me in your many mercies,
even though I do not deserve them only by your full mercy and wonders, that you decided what I deserve to get them, whay they have jealous of us? Thay spoils us the good influence you have done with us and our Friends and family.

And the same way you have spreaded your wings on israel forefathers and protected them from "Bilam" and his evil eye. by And you have defended them with your holy names, and with the holy eye that watch all time on the Creation who sees and helps the persecuted,
Now protect us as well and keep us safe from all the spells and evil eye That people made on us

Donate by paypal = amulet protection from evil eye & curses removal with lead

Donate now for “EVIL EYE REMOVAL” Payment by PayPal

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