prayer center

Prayer center of Breslav Chassidim institutions

According to the Torah opinion and worldview of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav 

At the prayer center – you will find useful prayers in all areas of life, a rabbi will also stand by you with a brain in matters of spiritual acceptance and psychology in the Torah way of Hasidism to give advice and answers to all problems.

The focus of the prayers is praying for the people of Israel and for the whole world – on the condition that they are not idolaters and teachers of one God (without partners) – if you have this simple faith, we will be happy to help you in your prayers and ours, and you, with Hashem's help, will see miracles and wonders.

Donations to the Institutions of charity – "breslevmeir" for meals for the poor of Jerusalem are welcome at the following link – paypal

breslove center prayer

  • Mourner’s Kaddish

    אמירת קדיש, Kaddish,mourner's kaddish

    Mourner’s Kaddish english Translation: Exalted and hallowed be His great Name. (Congregation responds: "Amen.") Throughout the world which He has created according to His Will. May He establish His kingship, bring forth His redemption and hasten…

  • Passover | Pesach

    Passover Charity, Kimcha DePischa,Pesach

    Passover / Pesach is a yearly major Jewish celebration which came about because of the blend and union of various yearly occasions that occurred in Jewish and Middle Eastern history. The accompanying rundown speaks to…

  • Weakness of the Mind | laughter is good for the soul | prayer for Shavuot

    תפילה לנשברי לב, Weakness of the Mind, laughter is good for the soul, prayer for Shavuot

    Weakness of the Mind | laughter is good for the soul | prayer for Shavuot by breslevmeir Yeshiva in jerusalem. What people find is hard to pray or to le-hisboided with excitement and liveliness instead…

  • Greetings for Rosh Hashana

    Greetings for Rosh Hashana shana tova

    Greetings for Rosh Hashana: As we approach the joyous celebration of Rosh Hashana, it's time to send warm wishes and heartfelt greetings to our loved ones. May this new year bring you abundant blessings and…

  • Prayer against evil eye & witchcraft

    לחש נגד עין הרע, Prayer against evil eye & witchcraft, Bli Ayin Hara

    Prayer against evil eye & witchcraft. This is a special and very powerful prayer with a spiritual action of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav against evil eye and sorcery. Note that this action requires explanation and…

  • donation for poor & needy of jerusalem

    תפילה לבנית בית המקדש, הכותל המערבי | the western wall

    breslevmeir donation Meals for the Poor in Jerusalem By breslev hasidim for Israel poor and needy .. the holy city Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, is not the richest city but the poorest city…

  • corona virus by breslov hasidim

    read or downlode pdf – The New Vaccine for Coronavirus Understand the video Corona in Russian is a crown This crown is a high spiritual rank Where one always knows that there is a king …The…

  • The Truth of Mercy

    כתר פרוכת לארון הקודש, כתר תורה

    לֹא יַעֲלֶה אֶצְלוֹ בַּחֶשְׁבּוֹן וְהָעִקָּר שֶׁצָּרִיךְ הָאָדָם לְסַלֵּק מִדַּעְתּוֹ בְּכָל יוֹם וּבְכָל פַּעַם כָּל מַה שֶּׁעָבַר עָלָיו עַד אוֹתוֹ הַיּוֹם וְאוֹתָהּ הַשָּׁעָה, וְכָל הַהַתְחָלוֹת מִכָּל הָעֲבוֹדוֹת שֶׁהִתְחִיל לַעֲבֹד הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַךְ עַד עַתָּה לֹא יַעֲלֶה אֶצְלוֹ…

  • When is Purim

    When is Purim A fascinating Jewish holiday, Purim delicately falls in harmony with any calendar of multi-faith celebrations. To read and hear the Book of Esther (also known as Scroll of Esther) is of paramount significance to…