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Meals for the Poor in Jerusalem

By breslev hasidim for Israel poor and needy .. the holy city Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, is not the richest city but the poorest city of the country. Numerous minorities live in Jerusalem. Because of the preservation of ancient appearance and life as in ancient times. With a lot of religion and faith.

Poverty often passes from generation to generation. Decades ago, families often came to Israel without a penny; now they still have no money to spend.

At breslev meir yeshiva Jerusalem people in need can come for a daily hot meal. The vast majority of visitors are pepole thet Looking for faith
Praying and studying Judaism according to the Torah with joy to eternal and real life.

Everyone who can show they are in financial need receives help.

“By giving meals, you show love to a person and help carry their burdens.

Food for the Soul

The meals at Hineni are fresh and nutritious, but they are not only intended to satisfy the hunger. These meals nourish the spirit in several ways…

People come out of their social isolation because they can interact with others. And there are opportunities to speak about faith. Our goal at breslev meir yeshiva is not only to help these people in their need… we whant to tallk to he souls…

Among the visitors are those who fled the former Soviet Union years ago and bahaley theshova – have financial problems In the confusion of the soul & Or mentally ill, and because they do not have a pension. By offering them a hot meal, these people have New hope and new powers, for their Dealing with the problems and difficulties in daily life even by personal guidance received by everyone who comes to the Yeshiva's shelter.

Together we want to walk the talk: 'Love your neighbor as yourself'”

Hineni provides approximately 50 meals a day for the poorest and most needy. Support the work of breslev hasidim in Jerusalem ! A hot meal costs 10$ for singel.

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