Prayers from the heart | pray 75

Prayers from the heart | pray 75.

Prayers from the heart prayers for Controversy and Strife | Love | Peace | Physical Desires.

Master of the World, merit me to the attribute of
peace. Let me be a lover of peace and to always pursue
peace. Guard me and save me through Your immense
compassion from the trait of wanting to triumph over
others and from controversy stemming from the other
side. Let my heart be free from these traits which come
from blood in the body which has not been used to serve
the Holy One. Have mercy upon me and merit me from
now on to study Torah and pray a lot. May I speak out
many words of Torah and prayer every single day until
I use every drop of blood in me to service God.

May all the drops of blood within me become holy words of
Torah and prayer until no drop of blood remains that
has not served the Holy One.

Father, merit me to serve You with all my strength
throughout my lifetime with every drop of blood that
I have. Let me verbalize so many words of Torah and
prayer that my body becomes completely negated as if
it is actually nothing at all. Please merit me to perfect
fear before You at all times. Draw down and bestow in
my heart fear, shame, dread and a great awe before You

Through this, merit me to clarify, elevate and purify all
the letters and sparks that fell into the world, as ‘broken
vessels’. As a result of my sins and enormous iniquities,
in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes. These sins
lead to controversy, doubts, confusion and obstacles to
Your holy service and from these stem all the physical
cravings in the world. May I have the strength to elevate
all the fallen sparks to You. As a result, may the Holy
One and the Shechinah be united and through this, may
a great and wonderful peace exist in the World Above
and Below and in all the worlds. Let there be great love
and peace between all the Jewish people and all created
things in the world.

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