Pray For True Goodness | "Hashem" Created the Entire World for you

Pray For True Goodness  | You have difficulties in life, and you are full of questions with yourself Why God is this happening to me?

Listen well and put into your heart the words of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav

"Hashem" Created the Entire World for you!

Reb Nosson writes: I heard in his [Rebbe Nachman z”l’s] name that he spoke to someone who had confusions in emunah, and the Rebbe encouraged him, and told him, it says that the entire being of creation was only because Hashem saw that there will be people who will be suffering due to the subject of holy emunah, because of all the confusions and heresy that come to their mind G-d forbid, and they will overcome those thoughts and strengthen themselves with emunah – and only because of this did Hashem create the entire world.

That man will overcome and be strengthened in all the concealments to believe in the Lord of the world.

(Sichos HaRan 222)

And the rule that a person needs to Belief in Oneself

And what is generally understood from Rebbe Nachman's words is: That a person has to believe in himself (Do not be proud and think of yourself as having supernatural powers, just believe) – that he too is beloved in the eyes of Hashem, for according to the greatness of Hashem's goodness – he too is great and precious in Hashem’s eyes. (And we already described many times that it's not humility to be in a state of restricted consciousness and think low of oneself. And one needs to ask Hashem a lot consistently, in order to merit to reach true humility).

(Sichos HaRan, 140)

Pray For True Goodness

I should just merit to direct my eyes, my mind, and my understanding, to alway focus on the true purpose, the eternal purpose, until I will merit to know and understand the reality of your real goodness. And I'll merit to know that in truth there is no bad in this world at all, just all is goodness and kindness, and You keep doing good with every creature, in every moment and time, for Your intention is always for our best, because you "hashem" want to prepare us to bring us towards our intended true purpose to eternal life, and I shall merit to be full of joy and happiness always .

With you in complete faith in you and in the Holy Torah and the way you taught the true TZADIKIM and no other power in the world you created.

(Likutei Tefillos, Prayer 65)


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