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Written by the recommendation of the Breslav rabbis from the "Breslav Meir" Yeshiva Jerusalem

Prayer for my husband Attracting the husband's attention with this special thought for the start of his day. Inspiring him to feel grateful for the blessings that come with each new day, new wishes and desires. Driving him to use every opportunity to reach his goals and aspirations. Asking him to feel G-o-d love to him as he starts his day!!!

A morning prayer for our husbands is a powerful way to set their day in the right direction. full power and happiness.

So that he will return home happy and healthy to his wife and children, not burdened with anger and fights and stress in his head from his work.

This Daily Morning Prayer for my husband will help them find strength, courage and success in their daily tasks. Let's take a moment to show our love and appreciation to them with this simple yet meaningful prayer.

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Daily Prayer for my husband

  • To my dear husband, my daily prayer for you is for your success, your pleasure, for my joy and love for you: As your day begins, may you rise to the occasion with renewed strength and courage. #Good Morning husband.
  • Today, we lift up a prayer for my husband success at work, and for all that you do. Takes care of the household for my needs and the children and gives us security and a wonderful life, God will be with you and give you powers of nature and spiritual powers above nature, may you succeed in all the works of your hands and be happy in your work, Amen

Let us thank G-o-d for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us, and join together in prayer and supplication for His guidance and protection over our lives. G-o-d Bless you & Us All

Prayer for husband

Please watch & keep over my husband so that he enjoys being at home with me, and with the children, so that he is not confused by bad thoughts, and does not look fun to have fun and make contact and seek pleasure with other women,

make satisfied being with me and accept the need to be a man and receive pleasant touch satisfaction and pleasure with me, and that he does not cheat on me with others, help us thet we can build a lovely home that is faithful to each other, without quarrels Fights shouting betrayals, only full of love and sexual and spiritual satisfaction of the body and Connecting souls.

Prayer for my husband

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Wishing my amazing husband a wonderful start to his day with powerful prayer. May your lovely husband be blessed with joy, peace, and success in all his endeavours.

The creator of everything, the possessor of powers, the G-o-d who guards from above the people here below in this world – please listen to my Prayer For Husband # Prayer For Success At Work Keep him from quarrels with co-workers or with the boss Let him do his work happily and demonstrate his knowledge and succeed whatever he does,

That my husband will be liked by everyone at work and with the customers that they will understand and listen to each other and that they will work together as a team and not be in war and quarrels for nothing that bring trouble at work and bring this war into the home, because it destroys our personal lives. Amen and amen.

May my desires and prayers be before "the holy name of God, creator of all things, sovereign of the worlds" – that my husband will be able to make a living with dignity and joy. And we can pray and give thanks to your great name that you are creator and king over everything and everyone will respect and give praise and praise to your great name, Amen and Amen.

A prayer for husband to relieve the pressure at work

Merciful God, Lord of peace, I pray for my husband, that you will help him with his dealings at work. To relieve him of the pressure and fears and dealings with co-workers (customers or suppliers) that he feels a lot of pressure and harassment and incompatibility and fights often, it causes him a constant pressure of overload in his work, because in his emotion and kindness he thinks that everything is on him.

With your wonders you can influence him, and give him the strength to organize his thoughts in peace and quiet while he works, and when he needs to make decisions that everything will be in a clear and calm mind without pressure,

Please the source of blessings and success – diffuse all the tensions between him and his co-workers and superiors. Help him to feel confident in his abilities so that he will be relaxed during his work day and can enjoy what he is doing and thereby receive a blessing.

When he is with work partners (workers or customers or suppliers) that he can explain calmly and they will understand and not argue with him, that the flow of the work will be in a good atmosphere for everyone.

Please answer my prayer – and help him and let his heart not be worry about his job security and believe that livelihood and money is only by grace from heaven. Amen.

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