The advice to overcome and pray properly

The advice to overcome and pray properly

Sometimes we all have confusions in prayer, and we fail to speak and pray, because the bad thoughts and confusions – overcome the thoughts and the heart of the person praying,

The advice to overcome and pray properly,
Written in the books of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav:

He teaches: that everyone must separate charity [to give] before praying,
And by this he separates good from bad, and keeps the bad away and the power of the good increases, and when the power of the good increases the thoughts are also pure and the bad goes away and then you can pray without
not veering to the right side nor to the left,
only managing his affairs with justice.
And he will be able to pray to Hashem.

(From Likutei Moharan 1, 2)

But you have to think carefully about where you give your charity, because if it ends up in a bad place – then you give power to evil and the person praying in his prayer will lose more.

Don't worry even if you don't succeed but you make an effort and continue to try and believe and pray – know that you Run in the Upper Worlds.

And so the rule, my beloved, my brother, strengthen and encourage yourself exceedingly, and hold on with all your energy to stay active in serving Hashem, and don't pay attention or look at distractions or negative thoughts at all etc.,

and if you're very very far from Hashem, and it seems to you that you keep causing damage every hour against Hashem, nevertheless you should know, that a person like this, who is so into gross physicality, every tiny move that one tears themselves away from the physical and moves towards Hashem,

(and does not get confused and does not make a mistake to follow superstitions and lies and errors of idols only with true faith)

is extremely precious and wonderful, and even a tiny small point one moves away from the physical towards Hashem, he runs through these thousands and thousands of miles in the upper worlds.

(Likutei Moharan II, Lesson 48)

Keep going, in the end you will see that there is a reason for every effort! Even if the results we want do not materialize, there is a reward and spiritual sustenance for the soul in every effort and effort to reach the truth!!
Sending blessings to you – Rabbi Amiel of the "Barslav Meir" Yeshiva, in the Holy City – Jerusalem – that will be built and established in the reign of King David, soon in our days. amen.

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