Western wall Prayer

The Western Wall is a wailing wall, that for thousands of years people of all religions have come to receive from them spiritual strength and blessing for all their requests and prayers – and this is because King David of Israel and King Solomon prayed and asked that this house be a place of prayer for all nations.

So that is why Rabbi Shimon says in the holy Zohar that this place is the most sacred in the world and from there all the prayers of the people of the world pass.

You can not come and say a prayer at the Western Wall
We will be happy to be your messengers

Prayer at the Western Wall and your private salvation!

A lot of people and maybe you too – testify that they went through a lot of courses and learning for self-improvement with guidance for business growth, but things stayed put and did not progress to the desired place and even started worsened

They consulted and paid the best mentors and coachers, but the heaven decided not to fulfill human desires, and determined not to allow blessing and success to reach them.

Hundreds of people testify to us that the spiritual work in the method of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav opened doors of success in all kinds of forms and filled their shortcomings and gave them divine understanding and knowledge such as family relationships, working with co-workers, success and growth in business and with themselves.

In the method of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav you will bring about great and wonderful miracles and changes for yourself.

You will learn how to deal with situations and how to overturn a bad judgment of a court of law for good. Also keep the kind of evil and other curses or spells that were done to you or that you did to yourself because you did not look at your soul correctly …

Donate now to the poor of Jerusalem and receive your personal Rebbe with your and the Rebbe's prayers together at the Western Wall and King David's Tomb.

He will also be your YOUR PRIVATE PRAYER and spiritual guide throughout.

We will perform for you and your family the removal of the evil eye and spiritual cleansing, and from there you will receive guidance on how to grow spiritually and how to open the doors of heaven with helpful and desirable prayers before HASHEM

From the spiritual transcendence you will receive the abundance for everything you seek and especially for true joy of life.

It is no longer a request for blessing or a question to a rabbi or advice in business and private life – it is simply to direct life and improve it to infinite joy with your relationship with God to keep away and remove from you the evil angels from mistakes you made in life or others sent you envious and evil eye, it is a way to create angels Good ones who will watch over you and light the way for you to ascend to Beit El.

Note: We can also say your prayers and personal requests at the Wailing wall. We must send them after transferring the donation by email or WhatsApp. We will print them and read them, we will send you a picture on WhatsApp and we will put them in one of the holes in the holy wall.

Call us – your life will look different – the Rebbi is waiting for you

1 – western wall prayer + pidyon nefesh or evil eve removel – for a single person (One-time donation one-time action): 45$

2 – western wall prayer + pidyon nefesh or evil eve removel for the whole family: 160$

3- Donate 400$ For The poor and needy of Jerusalem = Get full prayer for you & your family at the Western Wall & Tomb of King David Including evil eye removel + on-line (whitin 1-2 days) WhatsApp with Your personal rabbi who will pray whit you online on WhatsApp or send you a video including good Torah advice for your success and spiritual guidance according to Hasidism torah and the secrets of Jewish Kabbalah.

4 – Donate 1800$ For The poor and needy of Jerusalem = Get Every month for a year western wall prayers Including (According to your request) evil eye & curses or pidyon nefesh + Breslev yeshiva, mother ruchel toumb, uman – rabbi nachmen from  breslev prayer Kaddish for your loved ones.

You can contact us at +972 52-565-2005 through whatsapp for further information.

Payment can be made by PayPal a secure website or by phone!

western wall prayer | מוקד התפילות בכותל במערבי
western wall prayer | מוקד התפילות בכותל במערבי
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