prayer center

Prayer center of Breslav Chassidim institutions

According to the Torah opinion and worldview of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav 

At the prayer center – you will find useful prayers in all areas of life, a rabbi will also stand by you with a brain in matters of spiritual acceptance and psychology in the Torah way of Hasidism to give advice and answers to all problems.

The focus of the prayers is praying for the people of Israel and for the whole world – on the condition that they are not idolaters and teachers of one God (without partners) – if you have this simple faith, we will be happy to help you in your prayers and ours, and you, with Hashem's help, will see miracles and wonders.

Donations to the Institutions of charity – "breslevmeir" for meals for the poor of Jerusalem are welcome at the following link – paypal

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  • return to God is it difficult

    אמונת חכמים, שיעור תורה ,ישיבת ברסלב, הסכם יששכר וזבולון על לימוד התורה

    is it difficult for a person to return to God? NO! Every One Can Easily Return to Hashem But Hashem plans, thinks and orchestrates, so that no soul should be pushed aside from Him, and…

  • Hanukkah & Rosh Chodesh Kisslev


    Hanukkah & Rosh Chodesh Kisslev ve thanks to the Lord, for it is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. “Please Ha-shem fullfil all of our wishes in mercy, and we will soon have all…

  • Pray For True Goodness | "Hashem" Created the Entire World for you

    Pray For True Goodness

    Pray For True Goodness  | You have difficulties in life, and you are full of questions with yourself Why God is this happening to me? Listen well and put into your heart the words of…

  • Prayer to break curses | prayer against curses

    תפילה להתגבר על היצר הרע' prayer to break curses

    Prayer to break curses – Break the cycle of bad luck and protect yourself by prayer to remove curse & evil eye. Shield yourself from the evils of the world with our powerful prayer against curses.…

  • To make oneself happy with whatever he can | Daily Chizuk

    הרב ניב כהן

    To make oneself happy with whatever he can! It's a great Mitzvah to always be happy, and to strengthen oneself to cast away the sadness and depression with all your energy, and all the illness…

  • Weakness of the Mind | laughter is good for the soul | prayer for Shavuot

    תפילה לנשברי לב, Weakness of the Mind, laughter is good for the soul, prayer for Shavuot

    Weakness of the Mind | laughter is good for the soul | prayer for Shavuot by breslevmeir Yeshiva in jerusalem. What people find is hard to pray or to le-hisboided with excitement and liveliness instead…

  • 1000wishes & Happy birthday to animal lovers

    wishes & Happy birthday to animal lovers is A new website full of surprises and wonderful birthday wishes. On the site you will find  Happy birthday greetings for children, adults, animal lovers, and all kinds of birthday parties and sessions, also…


    קבר שמואל הנביא

    THREE STORIES FROM AN OLD BOOK The city of Ostrow played a prominent role in Jewish history. It had a long and distinguished record as a place where Jews lived and prospered. As would be…

  • Chai Rotel

    הילולת הרשב"י

     A custom at the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is the giving of chai rotel .The Hebrew letters chet and yod are the gematria (numerical equivalent) of 18 .Rotel is a liquid measure of…