Weakness of the Mind | laughter is good for the soul | prayer for Shavuot

Weakness of the Mind | laughter is good for the soul | prayer for Shavuot by breslevmeir Yeshiva in jerusalem.

What people find is hard to pray or to le-hisboided with excitement and liveliness instead of worrying over their past and future is because they let themselves fall to "Chalishus Ha'Da's"

("A Weakness of the Mind. When someone thinks very low of himself it causes him to be very vulnerable, mostly emotionally. Also weakness of the soul & instability in the mind and good thoughts).

From their sins and shortcomings they view themselves as unworthy and miserable, for each person knows their own faults and wrong doings better than anyone, when they believe this image to be true they fall to Chalishut Ha'Da'at and even sadness.

Weakness of the Mind – laughter is good for the soul

That is why you need to liven yourself prior to the prayer or Hisboidedus by searching for a "Nekuda Tova" in yourself (A Good Spot. In Rav Nachman's most known Torah he says; Even if someone is completely evil, heretic etc.. There must be something good about him, some Nekuda, small as it may be, where he is doing HaShem's will).

For it is certain that you have plenty of Mitzvos already. Even though when you examine them you find these Mitzvos are mixed and mingled with foreign thoughts, stray intentions and other filth.

Even though it is true, Still, those Mitzvos are very very dear in the eyes of HaShem because after all, either way you look at it, filthy or not, you did the Mitzvah! So with those holdbacks, although the difficulties, you have done all of those Mitzvos!

And that is very very dear in the eyes of HaShem, that is worth the filth that comes with it, for the Mitzvah makes the faults seem insignificant, For a small light repels a lot of the darkness.

By finding these Nekudos Tovos you will become happy, vitalized and alive! When you have all of the things HaShem is happy with you in your mind. Then you could pray properly, as fitting before HaShem.

The Torah gives life

Torah heals & builds the soul for stability, gives advice through lumidia in the holy yeshiva, through truth and faith and connection with Hashem, creator of the world and giver of laws to enjoy his creations through his commandments.

Shavuot, the holiday of the giving of the Torah – is the day when the Torah was brought down from heaven by Moshe Rabino. Come take part in the tree of life by connecting with the Torah scholars at the Breslav Chassidim yeshiva. Say prayers and give charity and you too will have a good share and a healthy life in mind and body and in work and business.

prayer for Shavuot

The tzadikim adhere to the Torah.
And the Torah makes man truly happy,
And joy is the medicine for the soul,

Therefore we ask you Hashem helohim,
The giver of the Torah to his people Israel, who train generations of generations for thousands of years who continue to learn and keep your Torah in truth,

My wish and my request from you, great lord and mighty source of all the forces of nature and creation,
May you bless us (here he will say his name and the names of his family members),
By your mercy, may we have a good share, of the holiness and joy of the Torah.
And may we also, among the rest of your creatures, be granted true joy of life, healing of mind and body in thought and action by your holy Torah.
And remind us of the acts of charity and kindness that we have for the Breslav Hasidim Yeshiva in the holy city of Jerusalem.
And have mercy on us and send us this Shavuot from your grace and honor, to be part of the light and joy of your Torah. Amen and amen.

Yours, R. Amiel.p from Breslevmeir

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