Kimcha DePischa 2024 breslvmeir yeshiva in jerusalem

About breslav hasidim Kimcha DePischa Project. Your (charity) tzdakha, gifts to the poor and needy for the holiday of freedom in pesach.

Kimcha DePischa 2024

remember : as much as a person volunteers to help the poor to rejoice and feel the holiday of freedom…

In the same way – Hashem in his mercy will deal with him from heaven – and help him to be free, and to be saved from the evil eye and curses, and to have the right to his redemption, in soul and body, in livelihood, in work, in peace at home with his wife and children, and all the other wishes of his heart will be fulfilled for good and blessing.

The cost of living continues to challenge and many families find themselves with diminished income and mounting debts. Hundreds of previously self-sustaining families are turning to us for help and it is our mission to help as many as we possibly can.

The challenge for many families is the cost of living continues and find themselves with diminished income and mounting debts.

alot of previously self-sustaining families are turning to us for help for tje holidays and it is our mission and mitzvah to help as many as we possibly can by that we take our faith to God and show him loyalty to his Torah and commandments and behave with mercy like him, thus showing The king of the world has our desire to be good like him – and he in his mercy repays in the world and with us more mercy and grace.

Your donation of "Kimcha DePischa" to "breslevmeir" will enable us to assist allay the cost of the holiday for needy families, and Feed hungry babies Support financially distressed families and the needy elderly.

Our students' families are barely making ends meet throughout the year. The added expenses for Pesach are too much for them to handle, forcing them into the decision of going further into debt or not having enough to eat for the Yom Tov. That kind of stress doesn't lend itself well to a positive home atmosphere.

Join us in continuing the ancient custom practiced by the Rishonim, the sages in our distant past, in fulfilling the mitzvah of Kimcha DePischa. Way back when, wheat was distributed to the poor in order to help them cover the costs of celebrating Passover.

To help the situation Breslevmeir Charity – distributes a generous package of groceries before Pesach, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables, wine, matzah and other basic Pesach food items. We not only distribute to our students' families, but to other needy families of Breslav Hasidim. Our Pesach distribution enables families to have a relaxed and have a happy holiday thanks to the goodness in your soul.

Donate For Kimha D Pischa poor of jerusalem – Passover Charity

There is no amount according to "Halacha" how much to give to the mitzvah of Pesach

only everyone gives to the joy of the holiday of the poor as the alms of his heart.

And the rabbis will invest in prayers for your personal redemption – on Passover.

So… do not skimp, open your heart and wallet,

make a handsome contribution according to your ability,

and "Hashem" will answer your prayers in a good and multiple way. amen.

The cost of our project for Kimcha D Pascha

  1. $45 – holiday meal for one poor person.
  2. $160 – holiday meal for the family.
  3. $500 – per family for all the joy of the holiday including food and respectable clothing.
  4. $1,200 – for all holiday meals for all yeshiva students
  5. $18,000 – for all the needs of the holiday, including food, clothing and groceries, for 50 families supported by the charitable institutions of the Hasidim of Breslav Jerusalem

Donate For poor of jerusalem

kimcha depischa

jewish passover greeting

pesach greeting in english & Hebrew

  • (Hebrew) Chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach!
  • (Yiddish) Zissen Pesach!
  • Wishing you a kosher and joyful Passover.
  • Happy Passover to you and your family!
  • Chag Sameach! Wishing you every blessing.
  • Wishing you a life filled with joy and love, happy Passover!
  • Let's honor our Jewish history by holding the Seder with blessings and prayers of Passover.
  • I wish you all prosperity and abundance in your livelihood for shopping for the holiday, joy and peace on the holiday of redemption, peace and contentment soon in the souls of the whole family – Happy and health pesach.
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