Matanot La'evyonim – purim 2021 Gifts for the Poor

Purim 2021 – Matanot La'evyonim – Gifts for the Poor of Jerusalem :

Matanot La'evyonim 2021

One of the oldest and most noble philanthropies in Jewish tradition is the enactment of giving aid or charity to people in need by more privileged members of a community.

“Gifts for the Poor” is linked to the act of providing sustenance to those less able or fortunate during the day of Purim. In English known as “Gifts for the Poor”, in native Hebrew Matanot La'evyonim, the deed is seen as a moral obligation independent of the overall act of giving or tzedakah, the Hebrew term given to the act of charity and sharing wealth to the impoverished all year round. Gifts of either money or food, often even both, are shared so that every member of the community may enjoy the festive celebrations on the holy day of Purim. The act of Matanot L’evyonim is required to be enough to provide at least one meal for two individuals, who do not have food or the means to purchase food, during the festivities. Every member of a community is expected to perform this moral duty even those receiving their own charity. In this way the whole community can thrive and be well on the day of Purim.

Future Matanot La'evyonim are kept in a small container dedicated to making sure the gift is kept safe and aside from personal use. A container, or Pushke, is used to store anything that could be given to less fortunate members of a community. While a Pushke is usually kept for regular tzedakah if an opportunity to give shared wealth or food to people in need does not arise during Purim the act of Matanot L’evyonim may be performed at a later point in time when the opportunity does present itself.

This specific act of charity ensures that the whole community is able to celebrate the Purim feast with their own meal during this festive day. The act of giving might give the less fortunate of a community the opportunity to provide for themselves.

Donate Now – Gift For The Jerusalem Poor

Israeli rabbis saw this charity as a spiritual necessity as a major part of Purim holiday
As at Purim, we make joy for the poor with a financial contribution, as do we believe that the prayers and prayers of the donors will be accepted.

Because just as the donors helped the poor, so God helps each one with his troubles, because we are also poor, in health or witchcraft or some other disease or evil that causes us to live happily.
Therefore on Purim holiday mitzva be happy – do not consider and give charity to anyone who seeks charity happily!

Donate 36 $ – For a meal for one poor – on Purim
Donors will receive a blessing and prayer by the poor.

Donate 180 $ – A meal for a whole family – including costumes + holiday candy and cash for the poor.
Donors will receive a blessing and prayer from the families and rabbis of the yeshiva on Purim's Happy Day.

Donate 500 $ You give = A meal for an entire family + including costumes + holiday candy + cash for the poor. _ Donors will receive  = a blessing and prayer from the families and rabbis of the yeshiva on Purim Day + Pidyon Nefesh + Evil Eye Removal

Donate Now For – Gift For The Poor of Jerusalem

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