The blossoming of nature is the time for the redemption of your soul

Spring has arrived, a holiday of the blossoming of nature,
Even these days all the creatures of the world are waking up from the sleep of winter,
This is how our mind and soul awaken,
This is an opportunity for you and ours, you need to think and learn how to take advantage of it.

The blossoming of nature is the time for the redemption of your soul

Judaism is currently celebrating the Feast of Redemption,
It is a holiday that symbolizes the liberation from all evil that enslaves us as slaves in Egypt,
That this exploitation is causing us bad thoughts,
Sadness and depression and difficulties in the mind and body at home and at work and with friends – not to use life happily as God wants us to,

Because the reason he created us was not that we would be sad and crazy full of mental illness, but happy and doing good and taking advantage of life.

Then remember the teachings of the eternal guide "Rabbi Nachman of Breslav"

To merit happiness is hard work and a harder task than all other types of serving Hashem, therefore one needs to force themselves – with all their strength and all types of advice and methods – to always be joyful. And it’s already explained that it’s almost impossible to achieve that joy, only through words and acts of silliness.
(Likutei Eitzos, Joy, 35)

You should affect upon me a vigor of happyness & holiness towards You, I should merit to strengthen and exert myself exceedingly in prayer with all my might and energy,

And I should strengthen and exert my heart to hope for You and look forward to Your mercy, I should be bold and brave against You to always ask, pray, and beg You for everything I am lacking in Your service AND THE MOST IS HAPPYNESS OF LIVE and The true faith in you, and I shouldn't be shy or disgraced ever from asking You big and wonderful things – Please, please You should do with me wonders of wonders.

Please strengthen me and make my soul happy with all kinds of joy, which is the essence and root of medicine.

For the essence of joy is by believing in you, the great and terrible God to the Most High makes heaven and earth unique and special, redeems with him Israel from all troubles.

And save me also in your womb from all kinds of sadness and depression and bad thoughts,
Into your infinite joy!

(Likutei Tefillos, Prayer 30)

I already mentioned that one needs to dance every day, and you surely heard this already, but now I repeated it, and spoke about it again, for according to the suffering and confusions etc., that each of us currently go through, there’s no other solution but to make oneself happy with all of the above – and to dance every day, either physically, or with speech – to speak with a friend about it, or at least in thoughts [to imagine oneself dancing].

(Alim L’Trufah – Letters of Reb Nosson, Letter 91)

The general rule is as follows; The main reason people are far from teshuva is because it’s necessary for us to awaken ourselves towards it, and awakening oneself properly is very hard to achieve, especially for someone who already got distanced and did what they did, but nevertheless everyone wants to fear Hashem, but it's a heavy burden on them and extremely hard to awaken themselves, and everyone wants Hashem should awaken them and bring them back to him.

But when we know and believe in the truth, that Hashem chooses this in itself, He wants our desire and will to be, we should return to Him, and we don't need to do a lot, just to take words and return them to Him, as it says: "Take words with yourself and return to Hashem" (Hoshea 14), and our sages interpreted that as Hashem saying "I'm not asking much from you, only words of teshuva",

and in reality even the words are from Hashem, we just need to take the action and try and take the words and bring those words before Hashem, this is the meaning of "take words with you", – precisely "take" meaning that the words themselves already exist and are ready and made by Hashem we just need to take them to ourselves and express them, and return to Hashem through that.
(Likutei Halachos, Krias Shema 5:18)

Emunah is dependent on a persons mouth, just like it says: "I will let know your emunah with my mouth" (Psalms 89), meaning through a person speaking words of faith and emunah with his mouth – this in itself is emunah, and also, through speaking those words brings one to reach emunah.

(Likutei Moharan II, Lesson 44)

The main aspect of mercy is, as it says "And may G-d Shakkai grant you mercy" (Bereshis 43) grant “you" – precisely, meaning Hashem will hand over the mercy into our hands – according to what we understand to be mercy – because for Him,it's possible that even when a person suffers from illness and misery it's still His mercy.

Because certainly everything Hashem does to a person – even suffering – is pure mercy, but we ask that Hashem should grant us, and give over the mercy into our hands. For we don't understand His mercy, we're looking for our own mercy, and for us it's simple mercy, to be healed or recovered from suffering etc. And therefore the word "Yisroel" in Hebrew is the acronym for "may G-d Shakkai grant you mercy".

(Likutei Moharan II, Lesson 62)

We’re Destined to be Redeemed in Nissan

The months of Tishrei and Nissan are extra special times for Teshuvah, for we’re destined to be redeemed during the month of Nissan, and the redemption can only come through Teshuvah.
(Likutei Eitzos, Teshuvah, 19)


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