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The prayers were written by Yeshivat "Breslav-Meir" in Jerusalem. With the consent and encouragement of the Hasidic rabbis.

This birthday wishes & birthday prayer and prayers and blessings were written by try

birthday song & prayer

Wishing you all of life's joys
Just what your heart desires
On this special day, so glad to say
Happy Birthday to you!

We're singing, happy birthday, happy birthday
May all your dreams come true
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Let the celebrations begin!

You are a joy that never ends
Your spirit keeps us all alive
Don't let anything bend or spend
The joy of life played by a music band
Your laughter, it fills the air
Let's have a great time tonigh together!

We're singing, happy birthday, happy birthday
May all your dreams come true
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Let the celebrations begin!

Let's make some wishes and blow out the candles
Let's make a toast to you and your life
Let's cut the cake and share all the laughter
Celebrating this special

I wish you a happy birthday, with joy and laughter – MY LOVER!

You are the one who completes me and cover!!

The songs and prayers and blessings were written by


Birthday wishes & birthday prayer

We present you a prayer and blessings for happy birthday wishes. you can Change and pray according to your need like for for friend, birthday wishes for sister,happy birthday wishes for brother, father or mother.
Dear God, thank you for blessing me to live and get healthy for a birthday, this please full of my wishes and give me a happy birthday and a happy and welcome year.

Please let this day be full of birthday wishes with good desires and thoughts that will exist all my life, full of love and joy of faith and good deeds.

I am grateful for everything I have and all the people who care about me. Thank you for giving me the power to go through every day and the wisdom to know what is best for me.

Please bless my family, friends and anyone in my life. Let them know how important they are to me.

My request from you my God, a wish for my birthday is – to keep me in mercy even if I sometimes make mistakes and nonsense without thought and intention,
Save me from disasters and accidents and injuries and everything bad today and every day, so I can enjoy this day and all year for the next birthday and a long and full of life in faith and prayer for you and your dignity of everything in this world and in the sky of humans and angels, nature of universe and beyond everything …

To God, I thank you, on this special day, for all the gifts and blessings of life on every joyful moment, I am grateful – a desire for his moments, my birthday wishes will be accepted for the better and blessing, artist.
(You Can Say This Prayer Wish For Your Birthday Wishes for Friend
Birthday Wishes for Sister, Birthday Wishes for Brother, FATHER OR MOTHER)

The Following Is a Prayer for Someeh Who Has JUST TURNED A ________ Year Older.

"Dear Lord, Thank You for Blessing Us with Another Year of Life and May the Complete Be Filted With Joy. Thank you In Faith and Love So That We Might Be Able To Share This Faith with Others. "

birthday wishes song

It's your special day, so let’s make it count
Celebrate like the world is all around
Let the memories come and paint the sky
Wishing you a happy birthday, so don't be shy

Happy birthday, may your dreams come true
And this day be filled with joy for you
Happy birthday, may your heart be full of light
Wishing you a happy birthday, so enjoy the night

Oh, wrap yourself in love and never let it go
Cause the best of life is found in moments like this one, oh yeah

Let's make a wish and celebrate today
Cause it's your special day, so have a happy birthday

Happy birthday to you, may every wish come true
On this special day for you!

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