The best prayer – We must praise the Lord

We must praise – is a prayer said by believing Jews, as a signature at the end of all prayers.

We are obliged to give praise to the master of everything
to give greatness to the creator of everything.
for not making us like the rest of the nations who believe in false idols
and did not make us the same as the families of the earth
for he did not put our portion as them and our fate the same as them.
for they praise uselessness and naught and call for a false idol who has no power.

But we bend and bow and thank before the king of all kings the holy one blessed be he.
for he created spreaded and extended the heavens and established universe.

And his holy sit is above heavens and his holy light and glory is in the loftiest heights.
he is "eloheinu" no other exists our true king all others are powerless and meaninglessד
as written in his Torah on this day you will know and took to your heart
for "Adonai" (holy name that represents mercy as written in the Torah)
is the "elohim"(holy name that represents judgement) in the heavens above and below the earth there is none else.

And for that we hope for you "Adonai" "Eloheinu" too see swiftly
your glorious might for you to remove false idols from earth
and the false idols,impostors and their false image will be cut off and decimated.

To perfect the world under the sovereignty of "Shadai"(Holy name that represents giving every creation its need)
And all flesh will call your name causing all the wicked to turn towards you.

All Inhabitants of the World will recognize and acknowledge you
for only you every knee will bend,for only you every tongue will make an oath.
in front of you "Adonai" "Eloheinu" everyone will bend and bow down.
and everyone will give glory to your holy name
and all of the people will accept upon themselves your judgement and rules.
and you will rule above all swiftly and for all eternity
because the sovereignty is yours,and forever you will reign in glory.
as written in your Torah
"Adonai" will reign forever and ever
and as said "Adonai" shall reign above all earth,on that day "Adonai" will be one and his name is one.

We must praise

is a prayer said by believing Jews, as a signature at the end of all prayers.

This prayer is powerful and very capable of receiving all wishes.

In the book "The Fruit of the Tree of Life" written by Rabbi Chaim Vital,
It is said: that before we begin to say 'therefore we hope',
A person who wants his wish to be fulfilled,
One should aim at the salvation he needs.
And by multiplying this prayer every regular day for at least 40 days,
It is possible to win the mercy of the Sham to receive our wishes.

A little about the prayer we should praise:

The prayer we must praise was composed by Joshua ben Nun while he was conquering the land.

The Holy Ari corrected to say this prayer after Shacharit, Mincha and Arabit.
According to the Kabbalah, this prayer has the power to remove the shells and the outer surface from the person.

In the book "Mata Moshe" it is written that it must be said "we must praise" in his fear and pity,
For every army of heaven heareth, and God is with the angels of heaven,
And everyone answers: "Blessed is the people who have calmed down."

In the "clear mishnah" it is written that whoever is in the synagogue and hears "we must praise"
Must say this with the public even if he has finished praying.

A short prayer for the fulfillment of the wishes of the depths of your heart

Have mercy on your people Israel, and reveal to us your true righteous ones,
And we will be privileged to continue the spirit of life from them, until we have power by our sighs alone that we sigh for what we lack, that the disadvantage will be filled immediately.

And will fulfill all his heart's desires for good in mercy soon.
May we be privileged to do your will always all the days of our lives, and may we be privileged to be truly wicked, and to do good in your eyes always, we and our descendants and the descendants of your people the house of Israel from now to forever,

And all the iniquities and sins and crimes we have sinned before you, by which we have removed and removed the living spirit and by them came to us all the shortcomings that we lack, for all you will forgive and forgive in your many mercies by the true generation of the righteous among whom the Spirit of God is.

And I will be able to keep what is written in the Torah: "Trust in "Ahdoni" and do good ; walk in is way, and trust in him, and he Will fulfill the desires of your heart in the best way for you

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