7th of Adar – Yarzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu

7th of Adar – Yarzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu | you & no-one Should Not Deprive Himself from the Mercy of god.

Remember some important and powerful rules for building your salvation:
Never despair yourself of prayer and mercy from hashem yetbarch

This power is received from Moshe Rabbeinu – even with all the evil and depravity and weakness in your soul, which you find and see for yourself,
You are weakened because you see that you are not answered in prayer,
Be accustomed to say: "God – from today, I begin to believe in you from the beginning, please find in my soul some more good that remains in me and have mercy on me and bring me closer to you, and hear my prayers."

Donations for Purim – a unique time for the purity of your soul – will be welcomed for the benefit of the decent hasidic poor of Breslav in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Main Pleasure and Delight

Whoever has even just a small level of comprehension and knowledge about the greatness of Hashem,
understands that the main pleasure and delight of Hashem is only that we,
from this lowly world, should exalt and sanctify His name, and this is His main pleasure and delight in us, as it says:

"V'Avisa tehilla m’gishei afar m’krutzei chomer" – "And You desire praise from humans who are a mass of earth and created forged of clay".

Because Hashem already has all His angels in the upper worlds, who serve Him – nevertheless His main delight and pleasure is when the service and efforts of us humans from this low world come up above to Him!

(Likutei Moharan II, Lesson 7)

7th of Adar – Yarzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu

you & no-one Should Not Deprive Himself from Mercy.

Therefore they should know for generations – that everything they will go through until the coming of Mashiach, both in general, and individually for each and every person, no matter how it should be – they should never give up hope for mercy, as rabbi nachman of breslov said:

"even if a sharp sword is on the neck of a person he shouldn't deprive himself of mercy", and they said: "Screaming to G-d is good for a person, both before and after a decree has been issued".

And this is why he [Moshe rabbeinu] told us about his prayers, how he prayed and pleaded with Hashem, as it says "And I fell in front of Hashem, etc." All to show the Jewish nation that they should strengthen themselves in prayer and screaming to Hashem always, for His mercy is never ending.

(Likutei Halachos, Laws of Orlah 4:16)

Very Stubborn

A person needs to be very stubborn in his service of Hashem, understand this well, that every person who wants to enter the service of Hashem,

even the smallest of the smallest, it is absolutely necessary that he should go through many ups and downs to no count, and many falls and being thrown down, for sometimes a person is thrown down with intent from serving Hashem.

And because all of this a person needs constant encouragements to no measure, and sometimes one needs to encourage and hold himself only through stubbornness, and we need very great amounts of stubbornness on this, remember this well because you will need it!

(Meshivas Nefesh 31, based on Likutei Moharan)

Today I am Starting

It's good that a person should say during their Hisbodedus "Today I am starting to connect to You", and one should make a new start each day, because everything goes after the beginning. For either way: if until now was good – Then, now it will be even better, and if G-d forbid it wasn't good until now – of course we need to start fresh with a new beginning.

(Likutei Eitzos, Hisbodedus, 18)


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