Dream Cleansing

Dream Cleansing only (one time action – Without explanation and decipherment) – 45$ one time donation

Dream analysis & cleanse (action for a week) of the evil that hunts your dream – 160$ one time donation

Analyze the dream that hunts you & clean it + Dream analysis and revert nightmare + Analyze the dream and capture the evil, Redemption of the dream and turn it to a blessing + pidyon nefesh or evil eye removal 265$ – (one time donatioon) Continuous care for an entire month for the whole family.

About Dream Cleansing Gig

Our Dream Cleansing works to give you freedom from bad dreams and also be able to change your nightmares into blessings.

Alot of people are having bad dreams,dreams are often there to warn us from something approaching us and sometimes they are just filled with stuff that our thought have been directed to all day.

Our target is to analyze your dreams and see if there is something that can harm you or something that hints at you and your life.

We will cleanse bad dreams and in some cases revert the nightmares into a blessing.

Note: Astrology & Psychics services do not replace professional counseling

If you seek medical, legal, financial, or any other professional advice, reach out to a licensed or qualified professional.

Miracles do exist. We are a team that was formed in order to help others from across the world enjoy and see with their own eyes what we see on a daily basis. Praying at the most holy and sacred places for you is our job,we will pray for you or your family members / friends etc, at the Western Wall / King David's Tomb.

Sweet Dreams Are Made from This prayerdream cleansing

In your hand the merciful God, I will entrust my spirit.
Therefore redeem and preserve and save me from all evil – truth God.

"My lord's lips will open and my mouth will say your glory."
Please open my mouth to a dumb man like me, who does not have a complete prayer properly, and I am entitled to a prayerful order before you,

In the sounds and prayers of mercy and supplication in the pure and pure language that the guardian angels use, in words of holiness – that I may arouse your true mercy on me.

Please have mercy on me and save me in your many mercies from bad thoughts and bad dreams,
And you will have a complete mat in front of you.

And when I go to sleep, I will be able to sleep pleasantly and with good dreams that I can get up in the morning to thank you again…

Make your doantion – For the purity of your soul

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