Do you have a problem that needs prayer right now?

or every day for a BIG Salvation ׁׂ(Yeshua) ?

You need someone – not just anyone

pray for you


 You gust fill in your name, your mother's name

And your prayers


Breslev hasidim will


 (or send your notes) for you

At the Western Wall

get your prayers granted !


ask all your wishes it's Freeeee !


How Does it (We) Work?

The Jerusalem Western Wall  in Israel is The holiest of holy places for all Nations of the world.

People from all over the world send their kvetel (a little piece of paper, a kind of note or message) that ask a wish form the heart – for the recovery of some ill persons, another will request for Livelihood success, a third one will look for assistance in a personal issue.

People who could not make their presence to the Wall, Bresle hasidim enable them to send their notes and ask and pray their request and wishes.


 So If you want your wishes Exist

get associated with us – Send your "Request note" for a pray at The Western Wall


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Please fill in Your first name and mother name

AND for each person you wish to pray for

explain at length your request, such as

for bless • Salvation • Health • Good Pharnosh • happiness...


Donate for breslev Institutions

Hot meals for poor of Jerusalem…

with a full hand and happy heart

 As you help others may Hashem [g'od] help you 

 answer your prayers and fulfill your wishes ! 

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* You Can deposited at the bank: The account name BreslevMeir
No. bank account: 694576 Branch: 184 Bank of Pagi

* Sending checks send for the beneficiary only
Address: Jerusalem Rabbi Salant 7 Zip 95144

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תגובה אחת חביבה ביותר

    I’m sorry this is a repeat of my prayer sent yesterday: I forgot to include my name and my mother’s. (I've received a reminder from you via email). My full name "Ricardo Oshiro" and my mother's full name "Tomie Oshiro" (maiden name "Tomie Kikoshi"). This prayer is both for gratitude and a petition for continued guidance and support. I kindly ask you to place it at the Wall. Thank you. Dear God, I am in awe and overwhelmed at being unexpectedly granted a new position as a journalist-writer. I want to thank you for this blessing by working hard only for Your cause. But I also want to ask for all Your support at this instance in my life, physically and spiritually, when I intend to fulfil my destiny under Your guidance. I want to especially ask for Your wisdom in my work each and every day of my life. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to do what I love most. Thank You for providing me with wonderful friends and a precious mentor who support me, spiritually and materially. Please bless my friends and family so that I can bless and support other people.

כתיבת תגובה