Mother Rachel Tomb hilula prayer

The prayer center of the Breslav followers at the Mother Rachel Tomb

A place where prayers are received because a mother always loves and has mercy on her sons!

Mother Rachel Tomb

Hilula Day 17/10/2021 י"א מרחשון

Giving names for blessing and prayer on the hilula day via message only (SMS) to the number 052-565-2005

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40 days at the tomb of our mother Rachel
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And then they will continue to strive for your success and salvation throughout the year – both at Rachel's Tomb and at the Breslav Yeshiva at the Western Wall, and Bauman, and other tombs of the righteous, at midnight and other times of desire – capable of receiving prayers gracefully and mercifully – and good advice until salvation … For simple salvation – call now with a symbolic donation.

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And you will be blessed to receive the prayers and see salvation thanks to our mother Rachel

Rachel's Tomb prayers

From the book Likutei Tefilot by Rabbi Natan of Breslav arranged according to Tefilah Chav Lag; according to Torah

"A sound on the level is heard, weeping weeping for signs, Rachel weeps for her sons, refuses to comfort her sons because we are not, for these I weep my eyes my eyes went down water, because far from me Menachem responds, there were desolate sons because an enemy man."

The Lord of the world has compassion and mercy on the tears and cries of our mother Rachel who is the Shechinah and the Knesset of Israel, who weeps a third tears for the greatness of our sorrow and anguish, "Rachel weeps for her sons" who exiled from their father's table Of all her lovers "

For every wife who is the righteous in every generation has departed from our many iniquities, until we remain as a mast at the top of the mountain and gather on the hill "We were orphans and our fathers are not widows", and we have no comfort to comfort and pity Good and loving because it is difficult for everyone in the world and everyone undergoes physical and spiritual tests to see how much he is a man of truth so have mercy on us thanks to the prayers of our mother Rachel for her sons and help us learn from righteous righteous ways the eternal joy which is all love of the Torah.

Lord of the visible and known world before you that there is no human hand in arranging eulogies properly for the departure of the righteous, who have passed away in our generations in our iniquities, but for Da Ka in China, for concerning me and all Israel, There in the higher worlds, and stand and serve in the heavens, blessed are they blessed some of them, but upon us is this orphaned generation, this poor generation, upon us is great and very great mercy, upon us all the dead will confess, "Woe to us because we have robbed"

Lord of the world, Father, the Merciful Father, you know that all our animals depend on the righteous saints, our holy memory, and we need to talk and consult with them every time, and receive from them bees and holy advice, new every time on all kinds of issues in life, and see them and draw from them faith and joy and love. Each time again.

And now what shall we do, what will the low-value mosses do like us, what shall we do? Mercy Lord of the world, what has passed – passed, now – now, teach me and my parents how to shout and shout and beg in a way that I will continue to continue their holiness and the vast knowledge of their teaching on me, by the sanctity of their list left in the world by their holy books, and their dear disciples From the many controversies and overcoming concealment and famous lies whose advice is ignorant and does not really help us to approach you and your Torah Gd, and which by their advice increase the fire of lust and iniquity of your people Israel over the light of the Torah of K which from all sweets and salvations and wonders .

Lord of the Worlds, Lord of the Worlds, Lord of the Worlds, hashem itbarach

Holy are you and terrible is your name, and your common name in the name of the true righteous, do for your name, and sanctify your name, and discover the truth in the world, and we have won your immense mercy, that we may know the truth To Him truly, and to be always truly included in the name and glory and true grace of the true righteous, and to call and cling to them and their counsel and guidance and their righteous and innocent and true Torah view, truly in a courageous and strong bond never to die, Of all the things in this world and the life of the next world

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