Hanukkah & Rosh Chodesh Kisslev

Hanukkah & Rosh Chodesh Kisslev

ve thanks to the Lord, for it is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.
“Please Ha-shem fullfil all of our wishes in mercy, and we will soon have all that we asked of you, in such a way that we will soon have the good will that is truly good “for the knowledge of all the peoples of the earth, for Ha-shem is The Elokim, there is no more”.


*kiss lev* – is a month when we can receive kisses from heaven deep in your hearts, a time when faith shines in all hearts and miracles and wonders can be performed by Hashem, because it is a time when you say thank you and the relationship with God is with love and great mercy. Start doing and praying to win the love and kisses of Hanukkah

*Hanukkah is getting closer – do you already feel the joy and spiritual light?*

*Have you thought about how you will be able to receive the Hanukkah lights?*

*How do you really prepare yourselves for the holiday of lights and faith?*

*Rosh Chodesh Kisslev* is the chosen time to cleanse and begin to ascend and build a spiritual vessel to receive the miraculous and wonderful lights and also, and especially, to work for yourself the salvation that you need to satisfy and uplift your soul.

*Why start today in the head of the month?*

Because it's the head, the beginning of the month when the head is cleansed, and the thought is captured mainly by the demons and evil spirits of the world and because of evil eyes and all kinds of bad energies in a person and that circulate around you in the world.

In the head in thought, where her soul lives and where everything begins for better and for worse,

As it is written in the *Holy Zohar* "All the actions of man are cleansed and polluted by his thoughts",

That's why from there you have to start sweetening and building spiritual tools to receive the holy light of Hanukkah and make everything good and a blessing.

*Go a head, take a step* to start a blessed month, come in to do a cleansing and redemption of your soul, and prepare tools to receive the miraculous and wonderful salvations and the lights of Hanukkah.

*Rabbi. Amiel from Bresleove Hassidim in Jerusalem*. for the lights of the holiday enter deep into your hearts, may faith shine for you and your family all year long!


*Raise your donation* to the decent poor & needes! 

we will work & pray together with you for miracles and wonderful salvations 


Our dear friends, we do not forget you on the holiday of lights – to ask for wonderful salvations for you…

Attached are some prayers and blessings, a video with sounds and melodies and a collection of photos for a happy Hanukkah…


*In Hebrew kislev is 2 words pocket and heart*

it is a Hint for all of us – *When a person opens his wallet and gives charity in honor of the happiness of the poor in the holidays, this causes his heart to open and also the heart in heaven to have mercy on him and accept his prayers!

*Try it, i promises you won't lose – Rabbi Amiel of Breslav*

Do you want the candles and the spiritual light of Hanukkah to shine on you?
Need prayers for salvation to come out of the darkness and sadness for success and joy in life?

Donate respectable meals to the poor and needy in the Holy City of Jerusalem
And you will receive 8 days of Hanukkah blessing at the Western Wall
May you bring joy in life and success in all areas.

Feed 8 days
Decent poor and you will receive all the blessings in the Torah
1 pray 1 day for 1 person – prayer of hanukkah at the western wall – 55$ donate

8 prayers 8 days for  your you & your family – prayer of hanukkah at the western wall – 180$ donate by PAYPAL

8 days full prayers + pidyon nefesh +evil eye and curses with lead + Blessing and personal prayer on WhatsApp + no limit to all family and friends – prayer of hanukkah at the western wall – 500$ donate PAYPAL DONATE

rabbi amiel p. by breslevmeir (Non profit) Jerusalem harav sahlant 7 call +97252-565-2005 & WhatsApp

Send names for any blessings during the Hanukkah days.

It's free directly to the love, happiness, divine lights of the Israeli people.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Hanukkah, deliverances, divine light and miracles!

To send names for fixed prayer, revenue soul in Hanukkah or donations for Hanukkah

Free Prayers will be in Yeshi'vat Breslev Meir next to the western wall

Donation Prayers will be held at

The Western Wall

Rachel's Tomb

The Tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav

King David's Tomb

And whilist Candle Lighting by the poor families

During the eight days of Hanukkah for the donators

For Donations with Paypal

More articles in hebrew and stories about Hanukkah enter the following links.

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Address: Ha'rav Shmuel Salant 7, Jerusalem

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Amiel Podhorzer:


Send your wishes !

For Hanukkah donations to the poor children and families

Please leave your phone number for contact or call us +97250416102 2 (050-4161022)

P.S. Donations are happily welcomed

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