Keep Adding and Going / Chanukah

Keep Adding and Going

Through the mitzvah of Chanukah we merit to draw upon us fierceness of holiness in such a manner that we can strengthen ourselves in our service of Hashem constantly, and the main point is to begin anew each time – which is what the name Chanukah stands for – That our service should always be in a way of training-in and starting, as if we’re starting today and training to start in service of Hashem.


And this is why "the lights of chanukah, each day we add on another candle" because each day you start fresh, as if doing so for the first time, and this way you keep adding and growing in service of Hashem, because each day is done with new reinforcement, with a new start, and a new awakening.

(Likutei Halachos, Laws of Milk and Meat 4:15)

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