Give god the glory | 5min praying and give glory to god

Give god the glory | 5min praying and give glory to god: Let's give glory to God
5 min praying and giving glory to god in all our thinking things:

Give god the glory | Let's give glory to god

Blessed be Ado-nai forever Omen and Omen ! Blessed be Ado-nai of Zion who dwells in Yerushalaim Hallelu-Ya! Blessed be Ado-nai Elo-hym, Elo-hey Israel! He alone does wonders and miracles. Blessed be his great and honorable name from this world to the next.

Please, Ado-nai Elo-hym, almighty and powerful. Have mercy for your people, the descendants of Ya’akov. Raise and praise the holy Torah, reveal the holy Torah’s great light and wisdom in the world.

Let the all of the nations know, how dear and wonderful is your sacred Torah. Let all of us return to your Torak, to your Mitzvos, truly and genuinely, with purity of mind and heart, with true sanctity. Let us all crave awfully for true faith in you, as you want from us in your kind will.

Let us know you truly, not from our own opinions or intuitions, but from your true and pure opinions, just exactly as you wish, even in this body made of flesh.

Let us truly honor your great name every moment, for that is the reason you created all of the worlds, to let all of creation know of Ha’Shem Yisborach. For there is no ture pleasure in this wolrd but the pleasure of knowing Ha'Shem and his Torah and Mitzvos.

Please, Ado-nai, help and mercy us, save us for your name, for your sacred Torah. Let the sacred Torah’s wisdom overpower the ‘Philosophy’ wisdom and other fictional wisdoms which are not wisdoms at all but foolishness and absurdity.

Let the other ‘wisdoms’ be left and forgotten, belittled and cancelled against the great light of Ha'Shem's sacred, precious and innocent Torah. Both the written Torah and the oral Torah by heart. Let all return to your Torah and Mitzvos to be Ha’Shem fearing truly with all heart and soul. ???????????? Share with friends and subscribe to the group it's going to be wonderful and change the world And especially our private world!

Dear friends, I do not forget you every day in our yeshiva prayers,
In recent days I have been paying a translator to translate the prayers for you,
It's not cheap, and it's a big effort for your spirituality therefore:
those who can spread the group,
And we will acknowledge and there will be a great mitzvah for those who bring friends who will donate give maasrot or thzdaka to our charity institution in Barslav Chassidim "BerslevMeir"

Praying for your spirituality & sending you wonderful prayers that you will say every day and then add your own requests.
Yours, R. Amiel.p from Breslevmeir

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