Prayer before a date ,first date or for further friendships

Prayer before a date, praying before a first date or for further friendships:

You as a woman do not want to be a sexual symbol that has no soul only a beautiful body and warm legs, (and you are a man, do not want another doll that does not treat you and respect you, only a sexual relationship of night, because then you have come to the wrong place!) Only if you Really looking for the real connection in your souls, (leave the question of whether to kiss on the first date, and the other questions and confusions), then you have come to the right place, this prayer will help you greatly determine and understand if the guy (girl) is your full part for a good and happy life. And looking to do and help her partner build a truly life.

Prayer before a date, praying before a first

The good God, who spins the world, to have a good influence on his people.

Please turn me and my world, to find my mate, to be my beloved, and I will be his beloved, and we will live together, as it is written in your Torah: from gdis a woman giving to a man.

"Adonai" "eal" of truth,
Today I'm about to meet a new guy (girl) I do not know.
Let in my heart to see the good in his soul, and not to give too much weight to the negative,
But yes, give me the intellect and wisdom to see that he is not too negative and strict and angry and other bad qualities.

As you are not angry with me and keep me away from you in spite of all the negativity that is in my soul and deeds,
Yet you mostly relate and see the good in me, and revive me, despite my shortcomings, and give me love and an abundance of good every day.

So let my heart cling to your virtues, and do as you do towards every creature and creature.
And tonight especially – towards the guy (girl) I'm going to meet.

Help me to be interested in his life and experiences, help me to look at the world and life from another angle, his angle, and open up to it, from curiosity.

Help me direct my heart to rejoice in a simple and natural encounter between two souls.

Help me by the voice within me, to examine, explore and compare, the spiritual voice that wants to just be loved by its partner, and loved by its partner, the voice that feels the missing part that will complete my joy in life that you have given me.

Help me not to be afraid of disagreements, but to know that you will give me the abilities and strengths to face challenges as well, let me believe in the power of flexibility to connect human beings, who basically want the divine good, keep the Torah and commandments and recognize the one God light only.

Let me see in his outward appearance the pleasantness, the smile and the positive, and connect my heart to him.
And that I will not make mistakes only will act as who I am and he will find the good in me and love me as who I am.

My God, please i'm asking mercy on me, help my heart to trust His feelings, that I know and see in common sense and thanks to you – what is good for me to have an eternal relationship with my partner.

I believe wholeheartedly, that you only want good for me,
And you are guiding me on the right path to finding my good man, with whom I can establish a house faithful to your will. In full cooperation and good and close communication.

Let me have this faith in you, and in my powers to be flexible, illuminate my heart with simple and true joy.

I do not want to live alone, but I also do not want to be enslaved to a minister and governor who will be hard on me and make my life gray and sad! Just want you adonai – ha halohim will help me in mercy.

Thank God for all the good you give me at every moment.

Full blassing – Rabbi Amiel

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