Dreams prayer

Dreams Prayer – Sweet Dreams Are Made from This prayer

In your hand the merciful God, I will entrust my spirit.
Therefore redeem and preserve and save me from all evil – truth God.

dreams prayer

"My lord's lips will open and my mouth will say your glory."
Please open my mouth to a dumb man like me, who does not have a complete prayer properly, and I am entitled to a prayerful order before you,

In the sounds and prayers of mercy and supplication in the pure and pure language that the guardian angels use, in words of holiness – that I may arouse your true mercy on me.

Please have mercy on me and save me in your many mercies from bad thoughts and bad dreams,
And you will have a complete mat in front of you.

And when I go to sleep, I will be able to sleep pleasantly and with good dreams that I can get up in the morning to thank you again…

You know how important sleep is to me and even a little bit that I have to sleep for the existence and health of my body,

Therefore I will ask that I may have my sleep in holiness and purity and my sleep intervene for me.
And I will always sleep out of thoughts and reflections of Torah and out of joy.

And I will get to read the Shema Yisrael on the bed, with great holiness and devotion and sincerity of heart really properly,

In a way that I will be able to kill all the terrorists and harms and all the dark and bad side of evil by this prayer of the night.

And may I include my soul and my spirit and my soul within the generality of souls ha tzadikim, and believe in the holy faith in you that you are a unique and special God,

And with them my soul will ascend with them to you while I sleep and rest, the body will rest and the thoughts will calm down. And let my soul and my soul be commanded and given into your hand alone.

Lord of the worlds, Lord of all souls, in your many mercies will banish from my soul all kinds of terrorists in my thoughts and feelings of depression and tension over mistakes I made during the day, and from dark and bad moments that want to cling to my soul and cause me quarrels and war,

Especially at night when my soul ascends to you, please keep it renewed because I seek peace and healthy life and not wars with the world and people and not with myself for mistakes made to me or made to others probably everything was accidentally and unintentionally harmful to me, and even if I give up I want peace , And bring back to me the joy and thought full of good powers for a day full of joys and successes.

Have mercy on my wretched and miserable soul, and be of help that you may ascend in peace to you in a year, and return in peace into my body at the awakening of the year, in such a way that I will have a holy year, a good and sweet year and a willow, a year of life.

And you will have good dreams, just and true dreams, holy dreams followed by true holy angels. And save me in your many mercies from dreams of falsehood, from dreams followed by demons, mercy and peace, from stirring dreams, from dreams of falsehood and vanity:

Well have mercy on me with your great mercy, and preserve and save me with your great graces, so that no bad case will happen to me neither by day nor by night. I will only be able to sleep in holiness and purity, "I will go to sleep well, and wake up in compassion":

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