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Find Out About Celebration Of Purim Among Jewish People

 Purim is an important holiday in Jewish culture.It's a celebration that takes place every fourteenth day of the Hebrew month of Adar.

What does Purim mean?
Purim is a Persian word meaning "lots" The festival was named Purim because of the lottery that Haman cast to determine the day of extermination.

Story Of Purim

Jewish holidays which are also known as Jewish festivals are celebrated among the Jewish nations.

They are referred to as festivals because their history and origins can be traced back in the ancient times.

Some of these festivals are recorded in the bible.There are major and minor holidays, and their holidays begin at sunset of the evening before the date specified for the celebration.

One of the major holidays is Purim which will be celebrated this year 2017 on March 12, Sunday.

The story of Purim is written in the bible, book of Esther, also know as megilat esther

 King Ahasuerus dethroned the queen for failure to honor his orders.

Esther,a Jew,became a queen after winning a beauty pageant organized by the king.

Haman, prime minister of the land convinced the king to exterminate the Jews after Mordecai,the Jews' king,refused to bow to Haman.

Esther revealed to the king Haman's plot to kill Mordecai and consequently,Haman is hanged and Mordecai appointed the prime minister.

The Jews fought and defeated their enemies on the 13th day of Adar.

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Purim is the most joyous celebrated holidays among the Jewish.

This year Purim holiday celebration will start on the evening of Saturday י"ד אדר and proceed into Sunday 12 the following day. Purim celebration is founded on the commemoration of the day the Jewish people who lived in Persia, got saved from being exterminated by the king of Persia.

Why is Purim celebrated?
Purim commemorates the saving of Jews from destruction by Haman .In the walled cities(Shushan),the deliverance came on the 15th and Purim is therefore celebrated on 15th in these cities.It's called Shushan Purim.In leap years,Purim is celebrated on the second month.

Purim observances
The Jews fast to commemorate the three days that Esther fasted before meeting the king.They read the book of Esther,Megillah on the eve of Purim to recount on the miracle of Purim and give monetary gifts to a minimum of two needy people.They also send tokens of two kinds to a minimum of one person.
The Jews boo and stump their feet whenever Haman is mentioned.They make merry,drink and eat triangular cookies during this day.

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Happy Purim People…

Israeli rabbis saw this charity as a spiritual necessity as a major part of Purim holiday
As at Purim, we make joy for the poor with a financial contribution, as do we believe that the prayers and prayers of the donors will be accepted.

Because just as the donors helped the poor, so God helps each one with his troubles, because we are also poor, in health or witchcraft or some other disease or evil that causes us to live happily.
Therefore on Purim holiday mitzva be happy – do not consider and give charity to anyone who seeks charity happily!

Donate 18 $ – For a meal for one poor – on Purim
Donors will receive a blessing and prayer by the poor.

Donate 180 $ – A meal for a whole family – including costumes + holiday candy and cash for the poor.
Donors will receive a blessing and prayer from the families and rabbis of the yeshiva on Purim's Happy Day.

Donate 500 $ You give = A meal for an entire family + including costumes + holiday candy + cash for the poor. _ Donors will receive  = a blessing and prayer from the families and rabbis of the yeshiva on Purim Day + Pidyon Nefesh + Evil Eye Removal

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