To Find yourself in Every Psalm

find yourself when you pray psalms Remember the essence of your spiritual power and build and bring you closer to God, When you pray Psalms, And you will feel and find yourself with everything you go through in life within the Psalms.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslav said: To Find yourself in Every Psalm.

On the subject of saying tehillim, Reb Nachman zt”l spoke with someone and told him that the main thing is to say the tehillim on oneself,
to find oneself in each and every paslm one recites,
so the person asked him how?

And Reb Nachman explained it to him a bit, that just as King David asked Hashem to rescue him from all the wars etc., in the same manner a person needs to translate and apply all of those prayers to oneself, on one's own yetzer hara and his troops, as goes for all other psalms.
The person then asked how does one translate the verses where King David praises himself, in example "Guard my soul for I am pious" (psalm 86) etc.,

he answered him, that this too one needs to translate on oneself, for one needs to judge himself favorably and find in themselves some good points that in those he surely is pious and righteous, and same for other matters.
And then Rabbeinu z"l told him:
It says by Yehoshufot "And he raised his heart in the ways of Hashem", that in service of Hashem he raised his heart a bit and knew his level, then he added, in the morning prayers we say at first "Who are we? What is our life?"
and we view ourselves as very low and unworthy, and then we say right afterwards "But we your nation, your allies, etc."

that we encourage ourselves and raise ourselves back up and say our greatness and pride ourselves that we are His nation, the children of Avraham, Yitzchok, and Yaakov etc.,
for this is the way we need to behave in our service of Hashem, as we mentioned earlier.
(Likutei Moharan II, Lesson 125)


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