return to God is it difficult

is it difficult for a person to return to God?
NO! Every One Can Easily Return to Hashem

But Hashem plans, thinks and orchestrates, so that no soul should be pushed aside from Him, and He orchestrates events through His reasoning, that when a person falls through his sins to a place that's far from holiness, then Hashem shows him hints in that place, and prepares him some sort of merit that he should be able to succeed precisely in that far place.

And this is the persons test and free will, and if he'll merit to remember Hashem from that place, and do whatever he can, taking whatever Hashem is hinting him in the place he's at, then he can easily return to Hashem.

Because in this place that he is at, one can merit with just a small tiny action to give pleasure and great delight to Hashem, something that they wouldn't merit in a holier place, for Hashem gets enormous pleasure and great delight when any type of service reaches Him from a low and very far place, as is brought in the words of our sages many times.

(Likutei Halachos, Blessings on Smells 4:45)

So now your and every person's test is to put your heart into the hints sent to you from heaven whether it's good hints or painful blows.
And simply establish your good desires and return with these longings by prayers and speeches and requests to God who will receive you in mercy.

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