Story of Purim


Story of Purim

Purim is one of the Religious Festival Celebrated by Jews.

Purim was discovered way back in the 18th Century.The Auspicious Day of Purim is celebrated on 14th day according to the Adar.Jewish People celebrated Purim by Reading the Books of Esther.Jewish people gives food packets to poor people and take blessings from them.People Also Donate some part of their money towards the Charity and organize a festive meal at a time and make the festival in a whole new way.The Story Behind Purim was Miracle behind many things.
The Story of Purim was all written in a book named "The Book of Esther".

As per the book there was a planned made by people with the help of king Ahaseurus to kill all Jews that were in his kingdom because he had some problems with them.He was not succeded in his plan because his family member and daughter Esther.

The Planned was not got executed because Mordecai got knewed about this and all was stopped then.Later the king Daughter was made to the Queen of a country named Persia and then she ruled there.the disturbance took place because there was a holy temple located in Jerusalem but the temple has been destroyed and because of that people become angry and fighted till the end in order to take out blood shed and many more.At last the Haman Who was the royal vizier of the kingdom had a meeting with the king and solved the problem.Puram Is one of the best festival celebrated by donating and sending many people lives to the benefit of the nation.Later the Purim was banned by the german ruler Adof Hitler which stop all this and tried to make the scenario worst.The story of purim was all written in the book of Esther which was the king of the empire and done many things towards his kindom.

Story of Purim

Jewish holidays which are also known as Jewish festivals are celebrated among the Jewish nations.

They are referred to as festivals because their history and origins can be traced back in the ancient times.

Some of these festivals are recorded in the bible.There are major and minor holidays, and their holidays begin at sunset of the evening before the date specified for the celebration.

One of the major holidays is Purim which will be celebrated this year on March 12, Sunday.

The story of Purim is written in the bible, book of Esther, a beautiful woman who lived in Persia.

Purim is the most joyous celebrated holidays among the Jewish.


by Meish Goldish

The story of Purim is an international tale.

King Achashverosh was Finnish with his disobedient wife Vashti.
"You Congo now!" he ordered her. After she had Ghana way, the king's
messengers went Roman the land to find a new queen. And India end,
the beautiful Esther won the crown.

Meanwhile, Mordechai sat outside the palace, where the Chile Haman would
Czech up on him daily.

"I Haiti you because you refuse to bow to me!" Haman scolded Mordechai.
"USA very stubborn man. You Jews are such Bahamas! If you keep his up,
Denmark my words! I will have all your people killed! Just Kuwait and
see, you Turkey! "

Mordechai went into mourning and tore his clothes-a custom known as Korea.
He urged Esther to plead with the king. The Jews fasted for three
days and grew very Hungary. Esther approached the king and asked,
'Kenya Belize come to a banquet I've prepared for you and Haman?"
At the feast, she invited her guests to a second banquet to eat Samoa.

The king asked, "Esther, why Jamaica big meal like this? Just tell me what
you want. Unto half my United Kingdom will I give you." Esther replied,
"Spain full for me to say this, but Haman is Russian to kill my people."

Haman's loud Wales could be heard as he carried Honduran this scene.
"Oman!" Haman cried bitterly. "Iraq my brains in an effort to destroy
the Jews. But that sneaky Mordechai – Egypt me! "

Haman and his ten sons were hanged and went immediately to the
Netherlands. And to Sweden the deal, the Jews were allowed to Polish
off the rest of their foes as well. "You lost your enemies and Uganda
friend," the king smiled.

And that is why the Purim story Israeli a miracle. God decided to China
light on His chosen people.

So now, let's celebrate! Forget all your Syria's business and just
be happy! Serb up some wine and Taiwan on! Happy Purim!!!

Chag Sameach!

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