hanukkah prayer

hanukkah prayer – The Delight of the World to Come.

And give us the merit to do the mitzvah of lighting chanukah candles as is proper, with all its details, precision, and intentions, and together with the other 613 mitzvahs which are dependent on it.

hanukkah prayer

We should keep all the mitzvahs of chanukah with a great joy, to praise You and to bless You, to say the complete hallel with joy and happiness, and with a great awakening in total holiness and purity.

For in Your merciful kindness, You gave us eight days if Chanukah to thank and praise Your great name, which is the delight of the world to come.

Give us the merit in your great kindness to keep Your mitzvahs in truth, until we will merit to draw upon ourselves the delight of the world to come in truth always.

Which is a gratitude to Your holy and exalted name, and especially during the holy days of Chanukah, which are days of gratitude, until we’ll merit to get close to You in truth, to know and recognize You, to Thank You, to bless You in truth always forever cause its good.

As it says: “Thank Hashem cause it’s good, for forever is His kindness”, and we shall merit to take the holiness of shabbos into the mundane six days of the week, until we’ll be able to be happy always, as Your wish in truth.

(Likutei Tefillos II, Prayer 2)

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