Saying Kaddish

The central theme of the saying Kaddish prayer is the magnification and sanctification of God's name
In the liturgy different versions of the Kaddish are used functionally as separators between sections of the ser

Saying Kaddish

The term "Kaddish" is often used to refer specifically to "The Mourner's Kaddish", said as part of the mourning rituals in Judaism in all prayer services, as well as at funerals and memorials. When mention is made of "saying Kaddish", this unambiguously refers to the rituals of mourning

Kaddish is traditionally said daily for 11 months after a parent's passing, then again on each anniversary, the Yahrtzeit

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Deceased Alterations:
Or also known as "Tikun Niftarim" , is a process that helps the soul of those who passed away in the afterlife,it is well known that the actions that a man leaves at this world can affect him at the afterlife,for example if a man leaves behind him on this world children who are conducting good deeds it will be added to him as a right,doing a "Tikun Niftarim" or as we call it alterations is very possible and a process well known to those who are accomplished in Kabala.
If a deceased is visiting your dreams it is a sign that you must conduct such alterations for him!

Our Kaddish Service

?Do you need to say kaddish or do you have Yahrtzeit

We will make it for you  ! and we will make agreement with a shomer torah and yere shamaim who are observant of Jewish law, tradition, and practices that will say the kaddish for you

The kaddish will be saying 3 times a day in the tefilot: shaharit, minha and arvit and learning mishnayot

We are in contact directly with those who will be saying the Kaddish, rabbis in Israel who are fully observant of Jewish law, tradition, and practices.

1 – Kaddish and Mishna recited three times daily in prayer during the first year, and also on yahrtzeit,
Notice of early event sent to family.

Contribution of – $ 280 per year

2 – Kaddish and Mishna recite three times daily in prayer each year
tikkun neftarim every month for a year
And lighting a candle and commemorating your loved one

Contribution of – $ 780

3 – Dedication of a full day of study and prayer
Kaddish and Mishnah recited three times on the acknowledged recognition.
tikkun neftarim special for your deceased loved one time at yahrtzeit day
And lighting a soul candle and commemorating your loved one and saying yiskor prayer

$ 500 one-time donation

4 – Saying a one-time Kaddish saying in memory day of your loved one is a one-time donation of $ 26

The money that is donated goes for hot lunches Special poor people of jerusalem.

kaddish donate

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