Belief in Oneself | He Will Surely Be Purified

Belief in Oneself.

Belief in Oneself | And what's generally understood from his [Rebbe Nachman's] words is: That a person has to believe in himself – that he's beloved in the eyes of Hashem, for according to the greatness of Hashem's goodness – he too is great and precious in Hashem’s eyes. (And we already described many times that it's not humility to be in a state of restricted consciousness and think low of oneself. And one has to ask Hashem a lot constantly to reach true humility).
(Sichos HaRan, 140)

He Will Surely Be Purified

And even if G-d forbid he won't merit to teshuvah in his lifetime G-d forbid, nevertheless in the final end he will surely be purified, and his main purification will be through any good deeds and mitzvahs that he grabbed in this world, being that there is a lot of Torah and mitzvahs, because through the greatness of the Torah which is essentially the greatness of our Creator, Who's revealing and hinting to us from far through the vastness of the Torah and Mitzvahs, so we understand through that how Hashem with the validity of His wonders can turn everything around for the good.
(Likutei Halachos, Laws of Fish, 4:3)

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